Profile - Simon Willison - OpenID

Simon is the co-founder of the Web Application Framework Django, a Web 2.0 application framework, quoted as the big Ruby on Rails competitor in the open source world and used mostly in professional news organizations Washington Post, Toronto Life, World Online, Scripps Media Group. Guido van Rossum, inventor of the Python programming language and engineer at Google, calls Django his favourite Web application framework.

Recently, Simon has made a name for himself for promoting a new digital identity technology, called OpenID, promising single sign-on for all Internet services, potentially ending that brief periond in history, where users had to remember personal information.

Simon was a developer at the Yahoo! London Lab working on the Technology Development of rapid prototyping projects, involving the Yahoo! User-Interface Library (Open Source AJAX) and Yahoo! Web Services API, which allows for programmatic access to Yahoo! services.

Simon is an experienced client- and server-side developer (Javascript libraries, Python, CSS, PHP) and maintains a well-known weblog, which many consider to be in the top 100 of technology blogs.


(Source: Media in Transition 2007)